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Some important stuff about bookings that you should read.

Bookings can be for 6 people minimum, 30 people maximum through the portal. If you have more than 30 people, email us on

You can book the below times for 2 hour sessions.

11.30 am, 1.45 pm, 4.00 pm, 6.15 pm

If you happen to book in our beer garden and it rains, we’ll try our darndest but we may not be able to move you inside. However, there is a marquee in the beer garden, so you can move in there and keep yourselves and your beer rain free.

Please include kids in your bookings numbers, we need to manage numbers until this COVID thing is done and dusted.

No same day reservations sorry folks.

Can’t book online? Walk on in

We only book 50% of tables through our online system to accommodate walk ins. So even if it shows it’s fully booked, roll on in and find yourself a spot.

Taproom good-time zones.


46 revellers

Fully weatherproof 

Kids cubby house for your small humans

Heaps of plants, natural light and fresh oxygen

Beer Garden

450 revellers

Outdoor bar with 20+ delicious beers on tap 

Covered in glorious marquees, meaning you’re safe from rain


100 revellers

Front row seats to observe the brew team creating liquid gold  

Cosy fireplace in winter

TV for optimal sports viewing