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Welcoming our Good Natured Ambassadors

We’ve brought together an incredible group of outdoor enthusiasts, including hikers, surfers, bike packers, trail runners, and adventurers of all kinds. Our goal is to shine a light on their remarkable journeys, support their explorations and offer refreshments along the way. ⁠

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be introducing you to each of our Good Natured Crew, so stay tuned. We’re stoked for you to get to know them!

Kate Grarock

Meet Kate. She’s an ecologist, hiker, YouTuber, Speaker and Mum.

Kate is quintessentially good natured from her pure, authentic love for the outdoors to her passion for sharing the enthusiasm with anyone and everyone she comes across. Her Instagram displays the wonderful adventures she frequents, raising awareness for the environment that surrounds us. She believes that ‘if we spend more time outdoors, we see the value in nature and work hard to preserve it’.

Things you might or might not know about Kate include that she has once hiked 700km from Sydney to Mallacoota, using her sleeping mat as a raft for the river crossings and that she was on the previous season of Alone Australia. She aims to inspire others to feel happy and safe outdoors.

Favourite Brew? Hang Loose Juice

Charlie Hamilton

Meet Charlie, a trail runner and a member of our Good Natured Crew. You’ll find Charlie in the mountains, whether it be in Chamonix or the Brindabella’s.

After claiming multiple podiums in trail races across Australia, Charlie is now competing on the world stage. He recently competed in the UTMB OCC claiming a top 100 spot! His unwavering motivation seems to come from his sheer passion for immersing himself in the mountains. He is quick to champion living on Ngunnawal Land recognising all the opportunities it offers for exploration and adventure.

Charlie’s energy is contagious. He described himself as “always close to frothing over”. Checks out when you see all the additional cool activities he gets involved with including cycling and playing in a band. Fun fact about Charlie is that his sister plays for our favourite AFL team – The GWS Giants!

As a true trail frother, Charlie cannot go past Trail Pale Ale as his favourite Capital brew.

Mattie Gould

Mattie’s connection with the outdoors is undeniably strong. For him it is a place for peace quiet and reflection, whether it be out the back on a surfboard, hiking a trail or pedalling on a bike.

Most of Matties adventures are human powered, aiming to leave very little trace on the natural world he is passing through. His quiet, yet curious endeavours find him camping every month with an aim to increasingly include his family on his escapades.

He shares the magical places he discovers through words and photography, letting us into his world of quiet and calm. Mattie’s creativeness doesn’t stop there, rumour has it that he’s a ‘really tight knitter’ and writes poetry.

Favourite Brew? Currently ALC-LESS (as he is having a year off alcohol) but a Summit Session is also enjoyed after a long hike/ ride.

Duncan Brown

Welcoming Duncan Brown to our Good Natured Crew.

Duncan Brown is not your average adventurer. He’s a pioneer of climbing in Australia, a dedicated gym owner, a skilled coach, and a fearless explorer. Duncan thrives on embracing new challenges, constantly adding fresh outdoor sports to his ever-expanding list of passions.

The outdoors provide a sanctuary for Duncan to feel centred and calm, away from the bustle of daily life. It’s a place where he can simultaneously seek adventure and test his limits. Duncan’s passion extends to sharing these outdoor experiences with his community, always on the lookout for ways to bring people closer to nature.

Duncans favourite Capital Brew is Hang Loose Juice!

Ji Sheng

Ji is always up for an adventure. This becomes very evident when you look at the multitude of trail races she competes in accross the globe.

From sky running in Scotland, hiking in Patagonia to an ultra marathon in Korea, Ji has competed in 4 x 50km this year! Her spark for adventure began in Scouts where she was granted the freedom to explore, climb and hike through National Parks. The past Lockdowns only emphasised that appreciation when many wild areas became out of reach.

Her enthusiasm, positivity and a good cup of coffee drive her to keep crushing the trails. Ji has also made a notable mention of her handsome french bulldog, Nori and we can confirm, he is VERY handsome.

Ji’s favourite brew is Rock Hopper IPA

Paddy Power

Meet our Good Natured Crew ambassador Paddy!

Paddy thrives on the unknown and the opportunity that nature presents. He’s all about chasing waves and venturing off the beaten path, fuelled by their love for adventure and the thrill of the unexpected.

With a background in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Paddy’s dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to go about things. This extends beyond an environmental sustainability perspective and also looks for ways to make experiences more people-centric and unique.

In just five words, he can be described as spontaneous, determined, people-oriented, adventurous, and always up for saying “yes”. Their dream for the next year is all about embarking on epic journeys in search of the perfect wave, savoring Capital Trail Pale Ale, and collecting unforgettable stories along the way.


Kirsten Tasker

Meet our Good Natured Crew ambassador Kirsten.

We met Kirsten at Capital to Coast where she was running the 100km solo and can confirm, she is the ultimate outdoor enthusiast. We’ve seen Kirsten participate in some epic adventures from deep water solo-ing in Vietnam to fighting fires out of a helicopter in Canada.

Nature’s surprises and challenges keep her humble and grounded. This coming year, she’s all about embracing the spontaneity of life and staying fit and strong, ready to dive headfirst into any adventure that comes her way, with a 24-hour+ adventure race on the cards.

Kirsten is the master of dragging everyone out of their comfort zones for epic escapades. In just five words, she’s described as energetic, headstrong (with a dash of stubbornness), a spontaneous adventurer, empathetic, and a fun-loving.

Kirsten can’t go past ALC-LESS as their favourite brew.

Jack Keogh

Welcoming Jack to our Good Natured Crew!

Jack loves tackling epic trails worldwide, sharing his adventures through envy-inducing photos and videos. The outdoors is his happy place, where he feels most relaxed and where the best adventures happen! Last year, he conquered the Pacific Crest Trail, and this year, he dominated the Tour Divide. But wait, there’s more to come – the Silk Road Mountain Race and more trails are on the horizon.

Jack describes himself as adventurous, determined, caring, stubborn, and passionate – all the right traits for his multi-day escapades. He can’t get enough of the natural world, and we’re eagerly anticipating the next thrilling adventures with him!

Jacks favourite Capital brew is Coast Ale.