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Just A Dream

Picture this. It’s a tropical fruit house party, Caribbean tunes are blaring and the beers are flowing. Pineapple and passionfruit are in a kids pool out front, they’re limbering up ready to take on guava and mango. Boom! Next thing you know lactose and oats come flying off the roof and suplex the whole fruity crew making the most delicious tropical oat cream IPA you could ever imagine. During the ruckus, pineapple flies out of the ring and smacks you right in the mouth, you stumble back, slip on some passionfruit pulp and hit the deck hard!

A stream of morning light hits you in the eye, you’re horizontal on the couch. You get up and peak through the blinds expecting to see the fracas out front. Nothing. It’s just your neighbour larry mowing the lawn across the street. A little dazed you rub your head look at yourself in the reflection and mumble “Just a dream”…