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Winter Solstice Bikepacking

Over the weekend, a group of bikepackers from Canberra and beyond embarked on a frosty ride through Namadgi National Park. Starting in Tharwa, we tackled winding roads and rolling hills, ascending to Brandy Flat Hut in small groups. Our route took us along rocky trails, across creek crossings, and up a steep loooooong hill.

Each rider brought an offering for a very lavish charcuterie board. After a hard day’s ride, we indulged in a feast of cheese, salami, dips, chocolate, and a delectable block of fudge. A special thanks to Dan for providing 2 kg of cheese for everyone to enjoy raclette. To top it off Capital Brewing froths were also lugged up the hill which provided the ideal refreshment after the pilgrimage to the hut. 

The sun set early and we gathered in and around the hut, warmed by the fire against the frosty night. A guitarist played acoustic classics (and yes, they did ride the whole way up with a guitar on their back), and everyone joined in singing songs like Bon Jovi’s  “Livin’ on a Prayer”. We met new people, caught up with old friends and connected over our shared love for adventure. 

Eventually, as the moon rose above us it was time to head to our tents and cosy up for the longest night of the year. Everyone snuggled deep into their sleeping bags with fond thoughts of the journey they had just undertaken. Tomorrow would come and we would be greeted by a frosty sunrise before riding back down the hill. This was a good weekend. No, a great weekend. 

A huge thanks to Stephanie Skinner for organising the trip. Steph brought together around 40-50 enthusiastic riders to meet on the longest and one of the coldest nights of the year and we can say without a doubt, it was epic.