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Your Zero Hero: ALC-LESS

The fate of your palate will rest easy in the hands of ALC-LESS, your zero hero!  This full-flavoured, tropical Pacific Ale is everything you want in a brew, less the tomfoolery. 

We’re stoked to be launching our first non-alc beer that will be available all year long! Let us tell you, it’s been a looooooooong time coming… 

ALC-LESS has been in development for over two years! It’s been a somewhat challenging beer to brew as we encountered a few obstacles along the way in trying to create a perfectly balanced and delicious beer that you Capital drinkers are used to. Beyond trying to replicate the flavour of a full-strength beer through experimenting with hops, malts and temperatures, we’ve had other challenges including having the tanks freeze due to there being no alcohol present in the liquid.

It’s safe to say that it’s been a long and arduous journey but we made it, the guys and girls on our production team have done an amazing job developing the recipe through multiple iterations  -this is a beer we’re very proud to release into the wild!

ALC-LESS is hitting shelves as we speak and is also available at our online store!