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Capital brewing co x night noodle markets

Capital Brewing Co is proud to be the Exclusive Beer of this year’s Night Noodle Markets and to celebrate this glorious event we’ve brewed Flavour Town Hoppy Lager, especially for the culinary adventure that is the Night Noodle Markets! You can’t pair banging Bao, spicy noodles, or succulent satay with any ordinary, garden variety, wallflower of a beer. You need something big. Something with some serious flavour that’s still crisp, refreshing and sessionable enough to combat the fiercest curry. With a solid Pilsner and Vienna malt backbone and crammed full of Northern Brewer, Centennial and Citra hops, Flavour Town has your back!


Here’s what’s on tap and our recommended food matches:

– Flavour Town Hoppy Lager x Notorious P.I.G Crispy Pork Belly burger from Chur Burger Food Truck

– Summit Session XPA x All the dumplings (!) from Chinese Dim Sum King

– Coast Ale x Beef Rice Bowl from Donburi Station

– Trail Pale Ale x BBQ Filipino skewers from Hoy Pinoy BBQ

– Springboard Orange Wit x Vegan crackling Bahn Mi from The Pham Sister

– Rock Hopper IPA x Bao buns from Bao Brothers Eatery


See you at the bar!!