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We hope to lead and inspire change throughout the industry

Complete certification allows you to drink ice cold Good Natured Brews in the knowledge that you are not contributing to global warming.

We achieved certification through the Australian Government’s Climate Active program (, one of the most rigorous carbon neutral certifications in the world. And we didn’t just offset a small part of our business, or one or two of our products – we’ve gone the whole hog, offsetting all direct, indirect, up and downstream emissions created by our company as you can see in our Public Disclosure Statement. We have offset emissions from literally all aspects of our business from energy use, waste, raw ingredients, packaging materials, freight, staff commuting, every last piece of paper used in our office, and everything in between.

Reducing our footprint through continual practice and process improvement is an integral part of what we do at Capital, and we will continue to strive to reach zero emissions. The emissions we are unable to reduce, we chose to offset by investing in the Orana Park Natural Capital Project. Orana Park is home to Australia’s largest soil carbon project, achieves Verified Carbon Standard credits thru the Anhui Guzhen renewable energy project in China, and as an added bonus protects the habitats of critically endangered ecosystems and animals like the Eastern Bettong by repairing a 33km stretch of the Loddon River near Bendigo, and through the creation of a 200ha Open Grassy Woodland predator-proof sanctuary! 


We know the brewing industry is full of legends who want to do the right thing; it can be difficult to know where to start. So as part of this process we joined forces with energy and carbon experts Pangolin Associates and Climate Active to develop a template that makes it cheaper and easier for other Australian breweries to calculate their footprint. We have a dream that the Australian brewing industry can lead the charge on voluntary carbon offsetting. If you want to be part of that dream, hit up Pangolin today!