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Salvaged Series - GABS 2023 Campaign

GABS 2023: Salvaged Series

Every year, Australia witnesses the wastage of approximately 7.6 million tonnes of food from farm to table. Shockingly, 25% of fruits never reach store shelves solely due to their imperfect shapes. This surplus not only poses a challenge for farmers to manage but also results in a significant loss of income. Moreover, food wastage contributes to approximately 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions.⁠

With this in mind, we’ve created a series of 4 beers for this year’ GABS Festival exclusively pouring at GABS using ingredients that would have been thrown out. By transforming waste into something delicious, we hope to shed light on the importance of reducing food waste, after all this is what Good Natured Brews is all about!⁠

Watch our head brewer Wade talk about the salvaged series here!

Salvaged Salvador | Apple & Rhubarb Crumble Pastry Imperial Sour

Brewed using undersized apples deemed unfit for retail and an abundance of rhubarb sourced from the Southern Harvest Association.

A boozy base with apples, rhubarb, vanilla, and cinnamon. Creamy and oaty that finishes lovely and tart.

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Rescued Ruby | Blackberry & Plum Stout

We paid a visit to our friends’ orchard, where we eagerly harvested an abundant surplus of blackberries and plums. Without a doubt, these fruits would have otherwise fallen and gone to waste, left untouched on the orchard grounds.

A smooth imperial stout that balances the fruit and bitter chocolate notes to perfection.

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Liberated Lucy | Cherry Cola Seltzer

Back Creek Orchards in Young generously delivered a large quantity of cherries to us, as they found themselves with an immense surplus that could not be sold.

A bold & spirited seltzer infused with cherry and cola, delivering a reminiscent flavour of Cherry Pepsi.

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Leftover Lincoln | Pavlova Pastry Sour

In collaboration with Ziggy’s Fresh at Fyshwick Markets, we joined forces to salvage kiwi, strawberry, and mango fruits that were unsold and slated for disposal.

This festive delight is smooth, easy-drinking, and intensely fruity, evoking the flavors of our favourite Christmas delight.

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Salvaged Series - GABS 2023 Campaign