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7900kg of CO2 emissions prevented from our taproom in 2021!

Since the beginning, we’ve always strived to divert as much waste from landfill as humanly possibly. That’s why we’re stoked to share with you a breakdown on what we managed to achieve in the taproom last year, with the help of our good mates¬†@goterracbr.

These guys collect all of our food waste from the taproom and take it back to their facility to be eaten by black soldier fly larvae. These black soldier fly larvae work magic on our waste, which then (through the magic of mother nature) becomes a resource to produce high quality products, mainly protein which is then used in stuff like pet food and animal feed.

Huge shout for the wicked innovation GoTerra are making in this space and the work they’re doing toward a circular economy – radically reducing the impact of food waste on our planet.