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Introducing the world’s coolest sani station

Our neighbours Red Robot Collective have been with us here at Dairy Road since day dot… making signs for the taproom, ‘testing…’ 😉 our newest taproom froths, being general good blokes and not getting too irked by the diverse array of tunes blasting out of the brewery from 6am daily.

That’s why we’re stoked to collaborate with them and Dispense Tech on ‘the world’s coolest sani station’!!!

What makes this sani station the coolest? It utilizes a keg system that is 100% recyclable, meaning way less plastic bottles into landfill & also a whole lot of time saved in refilling. One of the hidden costs of the pandemic has been an increase in plastic bottles to landfill as a result of increased hand sanitizer use. This sani station will go a long way in lessening the hit to our glorious natural environment!

If you’re interested in grabbing one of these majestic, beautiful & very functional sanitary stations, head to the Dispense Tech website. 


Over on their site you can also play with a slider which will tell you how much good you’re doing for the environment… and your wallet.