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The Frothers take on Stromlo

We brought together a rag tag team of 15 runners for the Stromlo Running Festival.

‘The Frothers’ a team of trail running crushers, gathered together for a mission: to max out the good vibes and show that you can ‘do more with ALC-LESS’. The journey began with the team travelling from all corners of Sydney, Canberra and surrounding regions to the Stromlo Forest Park. We had been building up hype amongst ourselves on a Strava group and group chats. Every type of runner was present from your daily trainer to your weekly battler with a common love of the trails. Our Crew? Brian, Ji, Sota, Isaac, Zoe, Sophie, Alex, Jonny, Jake, Laurence, Thor, Fabian, Pauline, Maurice and Michaela.

The morning at Stromlo was mild but crisp, the sun cutting a golden glow over the grassy landscape of the starting area. The DJ was cranking out tunes that made 6am feel like 6pm and the energy of all the competitors was creating an undeniable buzz. Our team prepped for their respective 30km and 15km races under the shelter of the Capital Brewing Tent, lathering up with anti-chafe and sunscreen.

The 30km went off first with the starting horn echoing through the air. You could see Jonny, Isaac, Zoe and Jake charging forward at a questionable pace into the front pack. Maurice and Sota were cruising, fighting for the lead position and Sophie kept it sensible and consistent (a manoeuvre that would pay off). The 15km followed, with Michaela, Brian, Ji, Pauline and Laurence flying off the start line. Remember, we were there for the vibes… The Frothers had hit the trails and the race had officially kicked off.

The Stromlo trails are some of the most incredible routes you will sink your shoes into. They are a maze of winding and rolling hills, boasting spectacular views of Canberra from every angle. The event itself embodied the pure spirit of trail running with our team making a multitude of friends out on the course. The field was incredibly supportive and the volunteers were full of energy.

We all rolled/ sprinted across the finish line, the official announcing our names as we crossed the line and the crowds cheering us in. Finally the moment we had been waiting for: The opportunity to crack an ice cold ALC-LESS. The mix of passion for running and the shared love for Capital Brewing had turned a simple race into an unforgettable celebration of achievement and camaraderie. Special shout out to Maurice for taking out 2nd place in the 30km and to all the Frothers for coming along on our adventure.

To celebrate the race we headed back to the Capital Brewing Taproom in Fyshwick to indulge in some mouth watering BROD Burgers and Capital froths. Our taproom is quite possibly the best place in the world to enjoy a freshly poured beer, with the bustling atmosphere and the brewery itself as the back drop. As a bonus Laurence took us on a brewery tour explaining the top to toe process of how our favourite capital froths are brewed. To finish our adventure we sat around the table and revelled in our achievements. The Frothers are just getting started.

– Michaela