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We’ve signed a new deal with our mates landtasia, to divert 450 tonnes of brewing by-product a year!

We’re stoked to be celebrating the signing of a 4 year agreement with Landtasia, which we expect to divert 450 tonnes of brewing by-product annually into the production of organic beef and compost!

Beer production has grown steadily since we kicked off in 2017, with more than 1 million litres now being produced per annum. The resultant 6 tonnes of spent grain, and 4,000L of trub (hop and yeast) by-product being produced each week was not something we were happy to see thrown away.

We weren’t keen on sending waste down the drain, when it could be turned into something valuable. We’re stoked to have Landtasia on board, we’re confident there’s no other organisation as good as them in maximising the value of brewing by products.

“We really love the organic brewing by-product we get from Capital” said Landtasia Compost Manager Simone Dilkara. “Even after the brewing process it’s still has heaps of nutrient in it, and the microbes in the brewing process work really well with the microbes we produce for our compost. It’s such a win-win”.

Most of the compost being made with the brewery by-products is being used to grow high nutrient organic vegetables in the Canberra district by farmers such as Prana Produce near Braidwood.

“The relationship between a food processor like Capital Brewing and an organic farm like Landtasia, is as natural as a hand in glove. For two decades, Landtasia has been pioneering, demonstrating, and teaching that it is morally just and economically viable to complete the prized Paddock to Plate thematic, by returning unused urban nutrition back to the paddock for a second go. Although, I suppose in this situation you would have to call it Paddock to Pint!”

– Richard Graham, Proprietor, Landtasia Organic Farms

Keen to learn more about landtasia or prana produce? Head to their respective websites below.

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You can get your hands on prana produce’s organic veggies in the southern harvest produce boxes, available here >

Established by Richard Graham in 2001 on a 10,500 acre property near Bungendore, Landtasia Organic Farms operate an exemplary organic mixed agricultural enterprise with outputs including organic beef and compost.

The agreement will save Landtasia around $75K per annum in grain, and allow them to invest in new feed mixing equipment to produce a nutritious and more digestible feed supplement for its organic grass-fed herd. Larger compost handling equipment has also been purchased to produce more and varied compost varieties which the consistency of the brewery by-products make possible.