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2023 Trees For Tomorrow Planting Day

As part of this year’s Trees For Tomorrow Initiative, we’ve successfully planted 1,277 trees, thanks to our fantastic partners at @keepitcoolaus.

These green champions will now join the thousands of trees we’ve nurtured in the Snowy Monaro region over the years. The Trees For Tomorrow project encompasses much more than just planting trees; it’s a crucial effort to combat climate change, create a haven for wildlife, and preserve our precious soil, all in one initiative.

These 1,277 trees have grown from the success of campaigns like ‘Kick a Goal, Plant a Tree’ and ‘Buy a Beer, Plant a Tree,’ and we extend our gratitude to the GWS Giants AFL teams and the venues that actively promoted and contributed to this significant tree-planting achievement.

We raise our hats to the incredible volunteers who joined us last weekend for our annual planting day. A dedicated team came together to make this undertaking a reality, and we are deeply thankful for their support.

Trees in the ground, beers in hand, and BBQ snags on the grill – that’s how we roll. Stay tuned for more leafy adventures next year!

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